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Molecular Hydrogen Treatment

Molecular hydrogen is a gas that delivered via nasal cannula that has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory protective effects on cells and organs. It is known as the MOST powerful antioxidant we can encounter and put into our body.

The aging process naturally dehydrates the hydrogen reserve in the body which leads to tissue damage we see was we age (internally and externally). Increasing our H2 levels in the body slows the aging process and allows our body, cells,  organs and systems to functions properly.


may include...

Slows down aging process

Reduces Inflammation

Boosts immune system

Improves Endurance

Extremely Strong Antioxidant

Neutralizes Free Radical Damage

Improved Recovery From illness, surgery, chemotherapy

An Anti-Aging Breakthrough


Aging is a natural and inevitable journey, characterized by a gradual accumulation of changes in our body. Aging results from a combination of environmental, genetic, and epigenetic factors and is associated with diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders.  Let's then explore to what extent molecular hydrogen can help balance this process to avoid these consequences.

The process

Molecular hydrogen can play a very prominent role in aging process:

  • Molecular Hydrogen has been shown to mitigate oxidative stress, and may exhibit anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Molecular Hydrogen has been shown to reduce DNA damage and prevent premature cellular senescence, making it a potential anti-aging agent.

  • Molecular Hydrogen is proposed to be effective in protecting cells from  damage that leads to a decrease in NAD+

  • Recent studies have shown that the intake of Molecular Hydrogen favorably affected several aging-related features and “can be recognized as a possible anti-aging agent that tackles several hallmarks of aging, including loss of function and telomere length shortening.”

  • Molecular Hydrogen is known to increase longevity

What to expect during a visit

You are brought into a beautiful calm room where you are able to lay down on a therapy table. One of our practitioners will set you up with the hydrogen treatment. Our Molecular Hydrogen treatments are in a gas form and are inhaled by the client via nasal cannula. The treatment time is 30 minutes. Some clients prefer to use the time to take a nap, rest or read a book. The time for rejuvenation in yours!


Our Molecular Hydrogen Treatments compliment all of our other modalities.  Using a BEMER Mat session can be done at the same time of receiving a  Molecular Hydrogen Treatment and can bring hydrogen deeper into a cellular level.  

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