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Immune System
Support & Optimization

For those individuals looking to clear, balance or improve their overall health and immune response. The goal of this treatment is to assist the body in clearing unwanted pathogens (viruses, bacterias, parasites, co-infections) from the body. Andria uses a combination of Biomagnetism and BioScan device (with Galvanic Skin Response) to assess the stressors in the body and give the body the optimal environment to clear them. With this, the body is able to begin functioning at its natural, healthy state. This modality is beneficial for both children and adults. 


may include...

Clear Immune System


Improvement of Overall Health


Health issues commonly treated in Andria’s office with these modalities are: 

  • Anxiety/ADD/ADHD

  • Asthma/Chronic Allergies

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Autism/Aspergers/Learning Disabilities

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Chronic Infections 

  • Eczema/Psoriasis

  • Hormonal Imbalances/Infertility

  • Lyme Disease

  • Seasonal Allergies

  • Vaccine Injuries

  • Weakened Immune System

  • Yeast Overgrowth 

The process

Medical Biomagnetism is a natural and complementary therapy that treats a large number of illnesses and health issues including Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Disorders as well as Chronic Infections. This modality is performed by placing magnet pairs at various points on the body to alter the pH of the body. By doing so, the body is able to eliminate viruses, parasite, bacterias and various co-infections that are adding stress to the body. Biomagnetism brings balance back into the system which shows significant decrease of symptoms and overall immune support. 

The Bio Scan device is used by using a small non-invasive tool to connect to various meridian points on the finger. Through the extensive library of pathogens, and healing tools in the device, Andria is able to assess what stressors are affecting the body at that time. The device is used for treatment as well. 

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