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BEMER Therapy

A BEMER therapy mat uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to deliver a patented therapeutic healing. This revolutionary wellness therapy mat is a tool that uses specially designed frequency signals called Bemer signals. These signals have be proven in science to increase blood flow and circulation throughout the human body. This brings more oxygen to your cells, organs and systems as well as increases blood flow through out the body for optimal healing and vitality. BEMER mat may help with: muscle pain, joint pain, eye conditions, skin conditions/wounds, feeling years younger, and more below. 


may include...


Recovery Time

Oxygenation to Cells & Organs



Increased Energy

What to expect during a visit

You will arrive into a private room and relax on a clean, lounge chair where you will lay and relax fully clothed during the treatment. Depending on your goals and desired treatment, a typical treatment time is 10-25 minutes. Most individuals report increased energy, stamina and improved sleep for a few days after use of BEMER. 

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