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Foundational Root Cause Protocol

Foundational Root Cause Medicine is the missing piece in integrative and functional medicine practices.
As the precursor to functional medicine, foundational medicine begins at the utmost root level. It helps patients return to homeostasis in their body by delivering key nutrients to up-regulate mitochondrial function: which is necessary for the proper function of every cell, organ and tissue.

It also emphasizes the importance of opening up the body’s drainage pathways prior to detoxification, and improving a patients terrain to sustain long-term-wellness.
Foundational medicine is the starting point for health, as it allows patients to experience optimal results when they utilize these targeted products and protocols. 

Please reference below to understand how we incorporate foundational medicine through our Guided Detoxification Program


may include...

Sustained Energy

Elimination Of Toxins

Clarity of Mind

Strengthen Immune System

Improved Digestion

Root Cause Solutions

What to expect during a visit

Our guided detoxification program allows you to work one on one with Andria to tailor a program specific to your needs and health issues. The program focuses on integrating nutrition and phased supplementation, using primarily CellCore Bioscience Products through a multi-structured rejuvenating and detoxification program focusing on root cause solutions.

The initial consultation focuses on a deep dive into past and current health history. We look at your personal goals and tailor your program based off of your health needs. The program is structured in phases which focus on strengthening the body on a cellular level, opening up drainage pathways, graded detoxification resulting in rejuvenating your health from a foundational level.

This program is incredibly beneficial for all individuals looking to strengthen their immune system balance the gut microbiome and clear out the toxic load in the body. It has shown significant effects in those dealing with autoimmune disease or chronic health conditions/infections. 

Follow up visits occur monthly to progress you through the program. Working with Andria also allows you to reach out between follow up visits for questions or inquiries as they come up. All visits can be done in person or via Zoom.


Focus of Guided Detoxification Program Include:

  • Natural healing & rejuvenation

  • Promoting the body’s natural ability to detox

  • Supporting cellular health

  • Strengthening mitochondrial function

  • Balance gut microbiome

  • Support healthy bile flow

  • Systemic detoxification

  • Clearing mold, mycotoxins, glyphosates, parasites, and co-infections from the body

  • Open drainage pathways for improved health

  • Root cause solutions of your health issues and fatigue

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