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Meditation Coaching

Regular meditation practice decreases inflammation, increases immune system function, and down-regulates the sympathetic nervous system, helping you reach higher levels of consciousness and connect with your true self. Our meditation coaching and workshops help parents, professionals, executives, athletes, and children move from activity to stillness, find clarity amidst chaos, and uplift their body’s natural ability to heal. 


may include...

Stress Reduction

Improved Immune Response

Connection with True-Self

Elevation of Consciousness & Performance

What to expect during a visit

Meditation is a personal journey.  Your first visit will take place in person or remotely and will focus on understanding your lifestyle, stress profile, and how meditation can support you.  We will review the goals of meditation, the transformative effect meditation has on your body, mind, and spirit, and identify how to develop a consistent practice. The session concludes with and overview of the mechanics breathing and a practice guided meditation. Clients will be provided with personalized instructions on how to begin their meditation practice and subsequent meetings will take place remotely to track your progress, answer your questions, and deepen your practice.

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